My Opines on Democracy - Adolph Mongo

Not to be "that guy," but after all these years, how democratic are we really?  I remember (not so long ago) how a president was elected in a very narrow race largely due to what should have been an unforgivable and unforgettable error in the polling process. Is it a mere coincidence that this very same state was then governed by the candidates' own brother?  I'm not completely screaming conspiracy here, but how did we just let this go over without massive outcry from every corner of the country?

 I also remember how our country went to war - attacking a perceived foe (not because they had attacked us on our home turf), but based on the claim that they were harboring those that we concluded were the attackers.  I guess it didn't really hurt that we gained a little bit of access to all of those billions of dollars of assets (including oil & gold) that belonged to the people of that region.

Contemplating even further, I can think back even further on the way that massive amounts of drugs have historically made their way into inner-city areas all around the U.S.  The last time that I checked, there were little or no inner-city import firms connected to Colombia or even Mexico.  The average guy in the hood can barely tell you the origin of the drugs that he sees around him every day.  Could it be that some larger major powers are working behind the scenes to cut down on the inner-city population just a bit?  And while we're on the subject of puppet masters doing perverse population control - who really believes that AIDS just "appeared" out of nowhere.  They initially called it the gay man's disease, but wasn't homosexuality more prevalent in Rome? Not one recorded case of AIDS or HIV there? Interesting.

One more point of interest for you to ponder - In Detroit, is it merely a coincidence that the inner-city was allowed to fall into unequivocal disrepair and despair - witnessing tens of thousands of people flee for the burbs - while smarter & wealthier folks headed back into the city?  See; here's the thing - those people that are reclaiming their place in the city know that the city is much closer to downtown Detroit & JOBS than the suburbs-cum-slums like Southfield.

Adolph Mongo